PTA Second Hand Uniform Shop



Until further notice, only email purchasing option is available now. If you email your list stating item, size and quantity to, we will do our best to fulfill your order, subject to our availability and our stock.  We will email you a payment link, and once paid, we will arrange for you to collect your bag of uniform from the porch at the foot of the main drive. Because the uniform in the shop is the property of individual parents, returns are not straightforward, but we will be able to offer a limited returns option (see attached Terms) during the period of remote operation. Please do bear in mind that the uniform is second hand and by its very nature will not be in perfect condition.


Please leave your sealed bags of uniform in the porch, where it will be collected and quarantined for 72 hours before going into the shop. Remember, if you wish to be reimbursed, you need to supply a sellers slip for each item – items without a label will be considered to be donations to the PTA. Payments to parents for items that have been sold are made twice a year, and PTA keeps a commission of 25% on your sold items. Sellers slips are available to download below.  

We will be reviewing the situation regularly and will update you on any changes to our operations as soon as we can.

We hope that this proposal helps you to get prepared for the new school year, and we look forward to a time when we can throw open our doors and welcome you all back to the shop.

If you have any questions please email

Best wishes,

PTA Shop Volunteers


Shopping by email

  1. Email your shopping list to specifying the item, quantity and size.  Uniform lists are available on the school’s website here and information about measuring your child is available on the Schoolblazer website
  2. We will select from the best condition of items available. You must understand that the items are second hand and as such are not in perfect condition. However, they will be fit for purpose and smart enough to wear.
  3. Pricing – our maximum price is 50% of the Schoolblazer price or less (depending on condition).
  4. Returns – we do not normally offer returns. This is because the items are not owned by the PTA, they belong to individual parents. However we will offer limited returns during our COVID-19 operation. You will need to email us within a week so that we can adjust our records and arrange to receive the item which will go into storage for 72 hours. Beyond the one-week special return period, you have the option to sell unwanted items and receive 75% of the sale price.
  5. Payment – we will email you a PayPal link to pay directly. Items will not be available for collection until we have received payment.
  6. Collection – we will email you when your items are ready to collect. Come down the main drive (14 Ipswich Road).  In order to limit contact with office staff your items will be in a labeled bag and in the porch for collection. If you don’t collect your shopping it will be stored in the shop until the following week.


  1. We accept items from SchoolBlazer only.
  2. Items must be freshly laundered and in good second-hand condition. DO NOT wash your blazers, they are dry clean only and once they have been washed we cannot sell them. We reserve the right to donate items we cannot sell to charity.
  3. If you would like to receive money for your items (75% of the sale price), you will need to complete a slip for EACH item you are selling and pin it to the garment. You can download slips from the link below. If you would like to donate your items to the PTA and NOT receive the money, there is no need to label your items.
  4. Your items will not necessarily go on the shop floor immediately due to space constraints.  We hold them in our stock room and replenish the shop as needed. Due to COVID-19 there is an additional requirement to quarantine items for 72 hours prior to handling.
  5. Payment – payment for sold items is by cheque and we write cheques twice a year. We account each sale to the parent who owns the item minus PTA commission (25%).
  6. Items that have been out for sale on the shop floor for over 3 years and have not sold will be donated to the PTA.

For downloadable labels: